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We are manufacturer and wholesaler of loose cubic zirconia, synthetic ruby, sapphire, Alexandrite, synthetic spinel, nano gemstones, crystal, synthetic opal and other synthetic or lab created gemstones. Different shapes, colors, grades and sizes of synthetic gemstones big quantity available in stock for your choice.

In recent years, we have extended our business to jewelry, such as cubic zirconia jewelry, 925 silver jewelry, synthetic gemstones jewelry etc.

Gems Cut

It is in the hands of the master diamond cutter to bring out the scintillating fire of a diamond. A well cut diamond reflects the maximum amount of light, through the diamond from one mirror-like surface to another, dispersed through the top of the stone. Diamonds cut too shallow or too deep lose light that spills through the side or bottom. Consequently, a poorly proportioned stone is less brilliant and spectacular and accordingly less valuable.

FACETS: A diamond's flat, polished surfaces and planes.

TABLE: A diamond's large flat "top" facet.

GIRDLE: A diamond's narrow diameter rim.

CROWN: A diamond's upper portion above the gridle.

PAVILION: A diamond's lower portion below the gridle.

CULET: A diamond's tiny facet on the pointed bottom.

BRILLIANT CUT: 33 facets above and 24 facest below the girdle.

BEZEL FACETS: Kire-shaped facets on the crown of brilliant cuts.