About Us

As a lab created gemstones manufacturer and supplier with 22 years experience, WeJEWELER has been offering clients all over the world top-quality lab created gemstones and elegant jewelry. We make it easy for wholesalers and brand owners to realize their visions and delight their customers.

Meet Our Team

WeJEWELER is saturated with passionate loose gemstones & jewelry professionals, from well-known gems cutters to the quality control managers on the line. Our team has the knowledge, the experience and the enthusiasm to deliver satisfying projects, every day.

Company Milestone

We foster collaboration, inspire new thinking, and driving success


We start the new journey under the new brand name "WeJEWELER", covering high-quality loose gemstones and customized jewelry.


We registered the website domain CS-GEMS.com. Specialize in online marketing and wholesaling loose Moissanite, loose cubic zirconia, lab created gemstones and lab grown gemstones.


In 2006, we started to wholesale loose CZ stones in Wuzhou City China. Because we were specialized in wholesale coffee CZ in the beginning, our CEO Ms. Wu Xiaoqun got her nickname "coffee lady" under our high reputation all over the world.


In 1998, we started cutting and polishing loose cubic zirconia stones in Wuzhou City China for other wholesalers.
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